About LPF Flexible Packaging

About LPF and what we stand for: long-term partnerships through innovation, cooperation and premium-class service.

About us

LPF Flexible Packaging is located in Grootegast (the Netherlands), and we are a premium flexible packaging manufacturer. We believe every company deserves to find its perfect ‘packaging solution’: packaging that perfectly matches the product and turns packaging from a problem into an asset.

We supply a-label brands and companies within the food & beverages, confectionery, healthcare, pet-food, industrial and agriculture industries. This diversity in industries, together with the ever-changing consumer, requires us to consistently adapt and innovate: it’s why we’re consistently flexible.

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Our values


We are committed to our partners by offering excellent service and delivering on our promises. This has created partnerships that go back for more than 15 years. 


We are committed to the Triple Bottom Line model with our focus on reduction and recyclability (planet), and local sponsoring (people). 


We are committed to treat everyone with respect, honesty, and dignity. This shows in our direct communication and down-to-earth culture.


We are committed to take responsibility for our actions. This is why we guarantee a 100% trace-ability for everything produced the past 2 years.



We are committed to continually improve ourselves, delivering only the highest quality and using rigorous testing and checks.

LPF’s experts:

Jacco Thijen –
Managing Director

Jan Jitse –
Graphical Accountmanager

Brian Punselie –

Jan Koopmans –
Sales Manager

Cecilia Villanueva –
Sales Manager

Henk Edzes –
Sales Manager

LPF Flexible Packaging’s service

At LPF Flexible Packaging we provide worldwide technical service when and where you need it. This way we can ensure our packaging perfectly meets your requirements. Premium class service isn’t just company-wide and fast, it’s also available everywhere. This is why our experts routinely travel around the globe to provide onsite support where-ever it’s needed.

Golden trifecta

Our clients don’t deal with a distant sales manager and an invisible production department. Every customer has a customer service, packaging technologist and graphical expert at his side, guided by the sales-manager. Working with this trifecta we can intimately guide your packaging process like very few can.


See what our customers have to say about us:

“LPF Flexible Packaging is a serious company that’s committed to its customers. Their shipments always arrive on time and in good shape. I would totally recommend them.”


Quality Manager

“Doing business with LPF feels smooth, since they follow a forecast of your planned and fixed orders. This way I feel confident and receive my goods on time. And urgent issues are quickly attended by the sales representative with a good follow up.”


Head of Purchasing

“We have chosen LPF as a supplier for our lid films due to the quality of their material, technical service, commercial assistance and support on new products. LPF has always been very close and responsive to us, ready to solve our problems”.


Head of Packaging Development

“Clondalkin LPF is a reliable supplier who understands our business and adapts to the market changes. They propose viable improvements, offer good technical support, and deliver great service/lead-times”.



The Clondalkin Group

LPF Flexible Packaging is a proud member of the Clondalkin Group: a international group of 7 premium flexible packaging providers. Located in the Netherlands, the UK, Germany and Switzerland we have a strong presence within West-Europe.

While we operate on a stand-alone basis, when applicable we bundle our forces with sister companies to further add value for our partners. This scalability in service further adds to our flexibility as packaging supplier.

Where you’ll find us