Our way of working

Read about our way of working and see how we’ve worked hard to create an environment where we can guarantee a trustworthy end product. 

Tailored production, our way of working

We provide premium packaging solutions for medium and large companies who want to take their brand and packaging to the next level. With our way of working in mind we only produce per customer inquiry, focussing on packaging that gets delivered on reels. 

Producing per inquiry means we don’t keep a ‘general stock’ of packaging but work with tailored production. We adapt and customize specifications depending on the situation and excel at adding value to your finished product with our packaging. We do this with eye-catching prints, or the many filling lines we’ve optimized. 

Because we only make custom packaging our MOQ is around 40.000 m2. We have the utmost respect for the start-ups and small enterprises who want to conquer the world. But sadly our production is (generally) not suitable for their current needs.

Process & testing, our way of working

Our experienced team works with a vast amount of R&D resources, both in-house and with our sister Clondalkin companies. We run your packaging through rigorous quality tests before they leave our factory. Retained solvent, print quality, oxygen permeability, transparency and haze, friction, burst and peel are just some of the aspects we test.

Our operators are trained and educated to do their own quality checks. This increases involvement, average level of education and efficiency. Of course our Q&A team still checks and samples every produced roll as a second check. We keep these samples for 2 years. So in the rare occurrence of an issue, our way of working guarantees we can always trace back it’s origin.  

The Clondalkin Group

LPF Flexible Packaging is a proud member of the Clondalkin Group: a international group of 7 premium flexible packaging providers. Located in the Netherlands, the UK, Germany and Switzerland we have a strong presence within West-Europe.

While we operate on a stand-alone basis, when applicable we bundle our forces with sister companies to further add value for our partners. This scaleability in service further adds to our flexibility as packaging supplier.