Reflecting on 2018

“Sometimes you have to take a step back to move forward”

2018 has been an eventful year for us. To give a bird’s eye view of the large strides we’ve made this pas year we’re quickly highlighting 2018’s best moments:


  • Our new website
    The launch of a new website was the embodiment of our customer-centric focus. Highlighting best practices and focusing on use-ability, the new website was a big step for us.
  • Placement of the new W&H Miraflex C
    Nothing gets a production company’s heart beating like a new shiny machine. In 2018’s case, we invested in a brand new 10 colour flexo HD printing press from W&H. Since half 2018 it’s placement has been finished and it’s produced some amazing results already!
  • Construction of a new and improved laboratory
    Based on feedback of our R&D experts we’ve moved and reworked our laboratory. Much like with our website the focus was on use-ability and practicality. Combined with some new toys our newly constructed lab delivers a breath of fresh air for our experts in R&D.

Sneak peak @ 2019

Aside from looking back, we’re also leaving you with a small peak at the plans for content in the coming months:

  • Getting personal with…
    We’ve already highlighted two of our experts, in the form of Martin and Sido. But our end-goal is highlighting every department within LPF. So expect many more interviews!
  • Value cases
    On our website we talk a lot about value and service. In order to put our money where our mouth is, we’ll be starting a new series of in-depth articles we’ve dubbed ‘value cases’. We will be highlighting anonymous cases, that make a deepdive in hard numbers.
  • Industry high-over’s
    We’re planning to give some more insight in a traditionally very obscure market. Expect more interviews with knowledgeable and independent third parties (f.e. a reporter or professor). But also think of content like trends in the (flexible) packaging market.
While content is far from everything we have planned, we thought it was fun to show the tip of the iceberg when it comes to 2019. Aside from this we have lots of other exciting plans, like exhibitions and new faces, but we’ll talk about those more at a later point. Talk more soon!


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