Reflecting on 2019

Just like last year we’re briefly looking back on the past year with our packaging recap. While a very different year from the one before this, 2019 was not without it’s own surprises. Our favorite moments of the past year:


  • We continued our look at the many great personalities LPF houses
    Because we didn’t get around to covering every department in 2018, we continued our ‘getting personal with our experts’ series in 2019. In 2019 we’ve expanded the series to our SUP, Seal and Sales departments.


  • Value cases
    We briefly experimented with a new type of content that goes more indepth. While we’re not planning on making these ‘value cases’ a monthly item, you should definitely expect to see this concept come back once or twice in the year 2020!


  • Upgrading our Machine park
    This year Santa came to our print preparation and slitting departments, leaving them with a new GSE Ink mixing installation and a new Kampf slitting machine, respectively. Important upgrades to our machine park that should lead to a quicker, more agile and more consistent 2020.

Looking forward to the new year!

Aside from looking back, we’re also grabbing our crystal ball to see what 2020 has in store for us.

  • Changes for our newsletter!
    We’ve decided to change up the format of our newsletter a little bit. Per 2020 we will be using a bi-monthly newsletter that covers both LPF news and industry related news briefly. The end-goal for our newsletter is simple; it will still offer a short recap of the latest website posts but also cover new content and developments. Our ambition is to have website content and newsletter content that can be read together without retreading steps. Our ‘packaging recap’ in email format, if you will. 
  • Further changes to our machine park
    The great thing about working at a production company, is that we constantly get new machine upgrades to share. And we’re carefully looking forward to our upgrade to-be per 2020. While we’re not gonna spoil the surprise completely, we can give a little hint:

Out with the old,
in with the new.

Pictured to the left is our old LEMO Meisterflex. This machine has been a dependable partner for many years, and has earned it’s well-deserved retirement. It’s being disassembled as we speak!

What we will be doing with the empty space after this machine is gone?
That’s an announcement we’ll save for another day, or another packaging recap…

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