About continuous packaging improvement

When we welcome a new coworker to LPF, one of the first things they always notice is the large amount of individual freedom they get. Some feel freed and empowered, others feel adrift and clueless (at first). Not because we like to bully our new coworkers (well maybe a little bit), but because we believe in continuous improvement among all our business activities. This goes both for our own production and for the improvement goals for packaging. And we don’t think this should be handled by expensive consultants or plans that purely come from the management: we work with plans from all echelons of LPF, from the management to our operators. 

This allows our improvement process to consist of more than just big investments. Because while we do make those as well (actually the reason we wrote this blog!), we don’t think those are frequent enough to carry the entire load. This is why we identify strongly with the Kaizen methodology: where employees are empowered to find ways to do their own job just a little bit better every day. Because small benefits over time add up to big improvements, a thought process we like to call ‘continuous packaging improvement’. 


This ideology of small benefits adding up over the long term is an essential part of our production system. With it comes the realization that no process is perfect and the understanding that there is always room for improvement. A necessity for proper implementation is for everyone to be aware of their own role within kaizen guidelines. With this comes the individual responsibility of discovering new ways of improving operation performance.

This positive attitude required by kaizen principles helps team members of the organization to focus on what should be done rather than what can be done. Employees receive incentives for finding inefficient practices and designing ways to improve them and the effective application of the PDCA cycle helps support quick-decision making in many aspects of organizational tasking.

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