Designer bureau “Design Rush” recently held an open-participation chocolate packaging contest. The goal of this contest was finding great packaging designs, with the top 16 designers getting free shoutouts. Inspired by this contest we’re taking a look at patterns within the contest winners their packaging designs. The end goal? Trying to find out what made the voters tick when it comes to chocolate packaging designs!


  • Minimalism in design

    Consumers their desire for cleaner nutrition labels is also starting to affect their choice in the supermarket aisle. In particular we see consumers gravitating to simpler and easier-to-understand ingredient decks. Almost all of the chosen designs were minimalistic and relatively light on certification logos. For your brand to shine, your packaging should be stripped of clutter and unnecessary claims. Keep it simple; mention the percentage of cacao and disclose if it’s organic or not.

  • Personality in branding

    In a market that is over-saturated standing out from other brands can be tricky. As an illustration, every marketeer worth his salt knows about Tony’s Chocolonely and their unique stance on authenticity. While that is one example of a brand that has an unique personality, other brands are also starting to experiment with their personality while moving away from the beaten path. Other personal spins that we see grow in popularity are an increased use of humor, whimsy, luxury or retro-inspired designs on the packaging.

  • Natural look and materials

    As consumers are more aware of their health and wellness, they are gravitating away from processed products. Natural looking packaging is one of the ways that your brand can claim the attention of this growing group of consumers. Consider using a more natural feeling material (like paper/kraft) or perhaps finishing your plastic flexibles with a sand-touch lacquer!

  • Fun & rioting colors

    While many of the most popular packaging concepts are trending towards minimalism and simple elegance, a small subset of packaging concepts that won during the awards made a complete 180. Embracing the chaos, these designs use bright and bold colors with whimsical illustrations to take the shopper on an adventure. Helping them escape the daily worries for just a moment, many of these ‘fun’ designs also make deliberate references to emotion. Retro packaging that makes consumers think back to the ‘good old days’, for example.

  • Different packaging shapes

    While the illustrated picture in this blog shows the packaging shape that is easily the most popular choice (the chocolate bar), we are seeing more and more brands move to different packaging shapes. With the retail shelves for chocolate bars being extremely saturated and cutthroat this only makes sense. Not only does it change the shelf spot you’re fighting for, it’s also an easy way to differentiate your chocolate from the masses. Why not consider packaging your chocolate in a Stand-up Pouch or shaped bag!

Inspired by the points above or simply struggling with where to take your packaging to next? Contact us and we can help your packaging be 2019-proof.


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