Christmas packaging

In between the serious blog posts about important packaging considerations, our thoughts on sustainability and how you should be critical with choosing the right supplier, we’re taking the coming Christmas days as a good opportunity for a breather. Christmas is of course always a wonderful time of the year. While the days get colder and a little shorter we still cheer up each other’s day with some festiveness.

Still busy with planning the Christmas decorations and presents? You’re not alone. But you’re probably already done with the business related Christmas aspects. Because getting your company’s assortment ready for Christmas is not something that can be done with a speedy trip to the Toys ‘R Us (unfortunately). Therefore we might be to late for your business’s Christmas this year. But we’re still taking the coming Christmas days as an opportunity to highlight some of our favorite Christmas packaging at LPF:


Bags with custom Christmas shapes:


Shoe-shaped & printed packaging for your Christmas tree

Packaging with colorful Christmas prints:


Christmas packaging

Christmas packaging

Christmas packaging

For the time of year when we’re all making our snowmen.


Of course, bags aren’t the only packaging that can be printed with a christmas design!



And to finish we’re looking beyond our own horizon: by showing some great Christmas themed lids that are produced by our very own sister-company. Located in Bury, Chadwicks can definitely say they have the Christmas spirit embodied in their production:


Christmas themed lids and cups


As you can see, your Christmas tree does not have to be the only thing that gets decorated during the Christmas days! While it might be too late for 2018, don’t hesitate to enquire if you want to spice up your packaging in the tail end of 2019. After all, preparation is half the work so you can never start too early!

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