An interview with: Henk Edzes (Sales Manager)

About our packaging sales expert Henk:

  • Henk was born in 1964, so he may still happily work in sales for many years. To Henk work never feels like a requirement.
  • He says he has a penchant for stability: him and his wife have been together for more than 30 years, with them living together in the same house for more then 25 years.
  • Despite this Henk happily switches cars once every 3 years. Mostly due to his work-mileage, but Henk also considers this a privilege due to his passion for cars.
  • Together with his wife Henk is a proud father of 2 children, and 6 grandchildren.


Henk’s sales career: the first steps
Henk started his career at FormPlastics back in 1989, initially in the customer service department. There he started his career in flexible packaging, at the start mostly concerning pointed bags. By 1993 Henk switched to sales and by 2002 he was responsible for the entire commercial department. In 2005 FormPlastics fused together with LPF:

“The fusion of FormPlastics and LPF resulted in a very unique company, where we could offer two different printing techniques, laminated ór mono films, and all kinds of shapes and seals. Henk

In 2008 Henk wanted a change of pace, and started working for a Israeli based company that sold packaging to the Netherlands. 4 years later Henk got contacted by a business relation for a contract at Volkers B.V., selling flexographic printing plates to flexo printers all over Europe.

In 2017 Henk was re-approached by LPF: we had just purchased a new W&H Flexopress, and knew there was no better match for this machine than Henk. While Henk has nothing but good words for his time at Volkers, he considers himself back home now that he’s in the packaging sales business again:

“Directly selling packaging again feels great, there’s a reason many relations never stopped calling me ‘pointed-bag’ Henk.“

About the job

Henk his focus is on confectionery, pet food and seafood packaging. His personal long-term goal is filling the W&H. Either by getting new flexo orders or by converting gravure designs, he admits with a smirk. His activities as a sales manager consist of the management of existing ánd new customers. This is done with lots of contact: be it by mail, calls, face-to-face, or texts. Like we mentioned at the start of this interview, having fun in his work is important for Henk. This is why he considers humour and personal relationships valuable in his work:

“We’re not looking for short term gains. We believe in long term relationships. Those can only exist when both parties trust each other. Of course we will always have to keep up our quality, flexibility, speed and trustworthiness to deserve this trust.”

Closing thoughts
When asked for his closing thoughts on a career in packaging sales Henk shared the following:

“Stay true to yourself. Don’t try to sell something you don’t believe in or pretend to be something you’re not. When you are unsure of your answer, admit this and ask for time to find out the right answer. Never lie or bluff, and always make good on what you promise. Your integrity and trustworthiness is the most important thing you have as a B2B sales manager”

He can vouch for this himself, as he sees many old contacts get back in touch with him despite him having been out of the business for a long time. The fact that they re-approach him because of his integrity and values is a great source of pride for Henk and LPF.
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