An interview with: Roelof Postma (packaging sealing at LPF)

About Roelof:

  • Roelof started working at LPF in 1989. Since then he’s worked at LPF (mostly responsible for packaging sealing at the form/seal department) for almost 30 years!
  • In his spare time Roelof has some very diverse hobbies: fishing, gardening and tinkering on his Zundapp (a classic style of mopeds);
  • Roelof lives in Roden,but also often stays in Beilen due to his girlfriend living there;
  • Aside from the hobbies mentioned earlier, he spends as much time as possible with his children and grandchildren.

Starting in a different time

Roelof started at the then Form Plastics, where he came in through the staff agency ‘Start People’. Before this he had been working at a bakery, but because the travel-time was quite demanding he made the decision to switch. Initially he wasn’t sure about the switch, but after starting at LPF the solid terms of employment combined with the friendly working environment surprised him.

“Baking is still my passion, but these days I save that passion for when I’m at home with the grandchildren. We always bake together during seasonal festivities, for example when we make speculaas for Sinterklaas.” – Roelof

Together with friendly working environment and solid terms, Roelof appreciated the large amount of freedom within LPF. This freedom is what made his job at LPF so addicting and why he has stayed here so long, he adds. After a promising year as a temporary worker, Roelof fully entered FormPlastic’s workforce in 1990.

Work then vs work now

“Back then we did everything by hand. The amount of work that our new machines do compared to the old ones is by far the biggest difference.”  – Roelof

Other differences he mentions are of course the different company name (having fused with LPF and now being called LPF – FP), or the fact that while Form Plastics was a part of the Van der Windt Group, current LPF is a part of the Clondalkin Group.

Both events above were impactful changes in their times, Roelof adds. The fusion with LPF and the take-over by the Clondalkin Group lead to some turmoil, but Roelof stayed proud to work at LPF during these times. As a matter of fact, these moments have only helped shape Roelof his career: it allowed him to fill-in on most of the different production departments at some point, among which the packaging sealing department.

Thoughts on the job

Despite his experience at the different production departments, his favorite job remains within the packaging sealing department. When asked for the reason behind this he doesn’t have to think long:

“I love the responsibility it gives me. When I start my shift at seal, I’m personally responsible for my machine and everything pertaining to it. It feels like I’m running my own miniature start-up within LPF. I cover all the required angles and am personally responsible for delivering a solid product. This means sometimes I delegate work to the temps, other times I have to tinker on the sealing machines. The next time I might have to sharpen or replace the sealing knives, or store- and document the finished products.” – Roelof

When asked for the ideal candidate, Roelof says a perfect candidate doesn’t exist. But it would be beneficial if the candidate has a passion for packaging, and he or she has to be eager to learn/willing to ask questions. It’s better to double-check then ruin hours of work with a faulty product!