A common saying in English is that “You eat with your eyes first!”. Our brain is hardwired to prefer beautiful things. Restaurant chefs know that we rate other unrelated attributes (taste, smell, feel, etc) higher when faced with a beautiful product. Therefore they spend a lot of time and effort on presentation. Does your packaging do too?


Packaging’s branding benefits

Enhancing the product’s appearance and making your product stand out from the shelves is important. After all, a memorable presentation can turn a prospective shopper in a repeat customer. We’ve written about this before, but branding that combines functional- and emotional content on the packaging routinely see more success. The signature cup of starbucks is an excellent example. Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

Successful packaging equals marketing impact

Innovating and executing on packaging’s branding benefits has always been integral to successful branding campaigns. To prove this i’ve even gathered some examples. Granted, that it allowed me to postpone my administrative duties didn’t hurt either.

• Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign used packaging to build a relationship between the brand’s identity and consumers’ personal identity by emblazoning first names on their cans and bottles.


• The packaging of “five,” an experimental product category by Häagen-Dazs is another example of a strong marketing campaign that wanted to showcase the product’s clean and non-polluted make-up. The brand went with a very minimalistic look; highlighting the five core ingredients on the packaging.


• For our last experiment we’re leaving the food & beverages market. Watchproducer Festina prides itself on their watch it’s ability to function underwater. To illustrate this they packaged watches in water-filled SUP’s!

We believe packaging is a core business driver that enhances both the consumer experience ánd helps connect product and buyer

With our experienced sales-team we can guide you through a brand refresh or relaunch. Equally important: our experienced production team will put theory in practice by delivering the packaging to match.


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