Packaging best practices: LPF’s tips for proper plastic packaging in 2020!

What to expect from ‘packaging best practices’:
a ~3 minute read, no ‘technical’ packaging knowledge required

With 2020 comes a new decade: we’re officially in the ’20’s now!
And just like in the past decade, LPF’s role also hasn’t changed: we help companies elevate their brand’s packaging to gain consumer attention and trust. And because preparation is half of the battle we’re writing about some ‘packaging best practices’ that we expect to be important in 2020.

1. Sustainable packaging

With the ‘100% sustainable by 2025’ promises getting closer and closer, companies are starting to  ramp up their search for packaging that’s good for both you and the environment. Our bets for 2020:

• For the foreseeable future we expect to see many more mono-layer plastics like unprinted plastic films or bags being replaced with cardboard or paper. Even though this might not be such a smart choice in the long run!

• High-barrier requirements will most likely have to be answered with recycle-ready concepts. We don’t expect bio-based materials to gain much ground here.

• Consumer compliance with proper recycling still remains a very big question mark, so we expect some of the leading countries to look at improvements here as well.

2. Customer transparency 

Transparency will continue to move to the forefront, as consumer demand for honesty grows. What are the ingredients, and where and how are your products being made?

Packaging is being judged on clear and concise wording more and more. And depending on the product, see-through cut-outs or transparent materials could also do a lot to help both your transparency and product presentation. So consider this another strong contender for packaging best practices in 2020!

Fun fact: it’s actually been shown that, when given a choice, consumers will choose transparent packaging over opaque packaging.

3. Presentation and consistency

Global color authority Pantone selected a rich deep blue as 2020 color of the year. Companies are gravitating towards strong, uncluttered messaging in simple bold colors and big type. Their goal? Communicating trust, transparency and respect. We’re expecting packaging that’s light on text and blue themed to grow increasingly popular as consumers search for straightforward slogans and brands.

4. From concept to reality

Consumers love their smart devices, and increased use of technology and global communication, is in turn, putting pressure on companies to evolve their packaging. Radio-frequency identification (RFID), nano-packaging, and sustainable packaging are just a few of the promises that could be used to set apart your packaging. At LPF we’ve had a busy 2019 to greenify some existing customer packaging concepts, and we’re anxious to start mass production!

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