Packaging certifications

Packaging is integral to every brand. Consumers feel attracted to recognizable packaging that catches their eye and is consistent in size, colour and shape. Nothing can turn off a customer faster from a brand than inconsistent packaging on the shelf (in colors, sizing or finish). These days this is a very rare phenomenon, in part due to global packaging certification standards that check on a company’s internal processes. Making sure companies have their certifications in order can lead to more consistency in production quality.

Just two weeks ago we wrote about LPF’s new internal auditors. These auditors are partly responsible for guarding the internal processes. By guarding these processes they contribute towards keeping production in good shape. This is important because an external auditor visits the company once a year for his own audit. This audit decides whether or not a company gets (or keeps) the associated certifications. Within some certifications there are even different grades to be earned!

“Proper certification is very important for our customers. Many deal with high process and / or safety demands from their own customers. So us being in possession of the proper certificates creates some peace of mind for them.” – Cecilia Villanueva, Sales Manager at LPF Flexible Packaging


Packaging certifications and your own business

Having your own certifications in check is however not the only important factor these days. Many companies are held to such strict demands that their entire supply chain gets looked at during audits. In these cases it’s very important that you not only have your own certification business handled. Your supplier has to have the certifications that are relevant for his branch as well. With each branch having it’s own regulations (f.e. food & the associated hygiene requirements, or construction & the associated safety requirements) it can however be difficult to keep track of all the different certifications. Later this week we will be going more in depth with some of the most important certifications for LPF and the flexible packaging market: BRC, FDA and ISO.

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