Working at a Packaging Manufacturer: what is it really like?

12 months earlier we already briefly looked at what working at a Packaging Manufacturer entails. 

But because nothing beats rose-tinted goggles, we thought we’d look back at all those roles in a helicopter PoV. We’re going to put the interviews side-by-side, and see if there are any shared values that pop out. Today’s blogpost will be of a slightly lighter and shorter tone than usual, but hopefully just as informative!


Our ‘working at a Packaging Manufacturer’ analysis isn’t done without the necessary research. In the past few years we’ve interviewed several departments, and these interviews will be the basis of todays blogpost.

These interviews started back in 2018 with our Gravure Department. The popular reception of this interview made us decide to continue these interviews with several other departments at LPF over the next few months:

December 2018 ————————- May 2019 ————————- April 2019 ————————- July 2019

           Interviews with Flexo and Gravure ———– Interview with ‘Form‘ ———— Interview with Sales —————Interview with ‘Seal

What we learned

Despite interviewing very different departments we still noticed some very similar statements that illustrate the shared values one grows by working for the same employer. Working within a company culture tends to rub off on you at some point. And by putting all our interviews side-by-side we’re going to have a look at these shared values!

    • Value 1: Eager to learn

      One common value for all our interviewed coworkers was their eagerness to learn. Most of them started their lifelong passion for packaging at LPF, and were thus still completely fresh at the start of their career. In every interview we asked them what a potential coworker had to bring to the table, and every single one of them agreed on one aspect: they need to be interested in packaging and eager to learn the in-and outs.


    • Value 2: Rolling up your sleeves

      Whether our Sales Manager was telling us about his projects he would introduce through a very hands-on way of working, or our printing experts telling us how they oversee the printing process: none of them is against rolling up his or her sleeves and getting their hands dirty. And they can’t be: within LPF job roles and descriptions are pretty fluent so just waiting for work to drop off at your doorstep is never going to happen.


    • Value 3: Flexibility

      One thing that’s repeated during many interviews is the many changes LPF has gone through. Originally a part of Van der Windt Packaging, being sold to Clondalkin, fusing together LPF and Form Plastics, etc. etc. With the company being more than a 100 years old it’s probably not that surprising to see such a rich history, but it has definitely also been an eventful one! And if there’s one thing this highlights, it’s our coworkers immense flexibility. After all, with such a high average employee retention rate you also have a high rate of employees that have stayed at LPF despite all the aforementioned changes.


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