On our website, social media or advertising we often talk about our company-wide service approach. This goes hand-in-hand with our mission: striving for long-term partnership by innovating, cooperating and providing premium class service. When doing this we look for like-minded companies that share our values and ambitions. Both when it comes to our customers but also with suppliers and other similar partners. Like our transportation partners.

Today we’d like to show one recent occasion that highlights our belief in packaging partnership. This event occurred just two weeks ago, and should hopefully show the lengths that we (and our partners) go to for our packaging partnership.


Stronger together

We don’t send articles from stock and we don’t just wave our precious cargo goodbye the minute it leaves our factory. Because we only produce on order and offer many strategic benefits to our partners (on-site assistance pre, during and post production, warehousing, consignment stock,etc.), we often move up and down the supply chain as we see fit.

For one of our long-standing customers our very own Ruben Vaartjes recently visited Portena. The goal of this visit was tackling the customer’s difficult and unpredictable forecasts. Thanks to a successful cooperation between LPF and our logistic partner we have improved our warehousing structure. Thanks to these improvements we are able to supply our customer with a steady stream of several different packaging designs. Without requiring any changes in the investment or process of our customer. This way they can keep up with changing demands per product run while keeping inventory costs low: giving their marketing department unrivalled flexibility.

Our customer’s desires form our favorite challenges. Together with our partners we are constantly in movement and searching for improvements to meet these challenges.” -Ruben Vaartjes, Junior Sales Manager at LPF Flexible Packaging



Portena has grown to one of the bigger and more successful transport and warehouse specialists since opening their doors back in 1932. This family company’s biggest asset is a proactive advisement while staying true to their original values. These values are very similar to ours at LPF which creates a great partnership.

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