Choosing the right packaging for the job

Whether you have a new or existing product, finding the perfect packaging can be a very challenging job. There are many aspects that need to be looked at, tested and evaluated. Only then can you really know which packaging (supplier) best fits your company’s needs. After all, every company is unique and has their specific needs. This is why we believe in tailored packaging at LPF Flexible Packaging. We start with meetings between our own technical experts and those of our clients. From there we start with a general concept and adapt it for the customer’s needs. During this process we discuss and improve many different criteria. One criteria that’s very important for our clients, and by extension us, is the runability of packaging.

“Our adaptation process and the thoroughness with which we tailor packaging to a client’s criteria is what makes us such an important player on the high performance packaging market” – Benjamin Ottema, Head of Research & Development at LPF Flexible Packaging.


Packaging runability: what it means

When we mention packaging runability, we are generally talking about the speed and smoothness with which the supplier’s packaging runs on our client’s machinery. Runability can also cover seal ability and seal-strength. But those are subjects we will save for a later date. Runability is often expressed with a number: the COF or coëfficiënt of friction. There is no set coeffiecient to strive for, the perfect amount depends on the customer’s machinery and wishes.

For example, with too little friction the packaging can slip or fall off form/fill and seal machinery. Optimizing production speeds or preventing production issues can in turn be quantified in cost-savings (less man-hours needed per unit of produced product/ no production stops) or extra profits (higher production of units with the same expenses).

Examples of runability aspects we tend to look at;

  • the materials used in the packaging concept,
  • the machinery specifications,
  • The filling environment (f.e. the temperature of the room and product).

Are you unsatisfied with the runability of your current packaging or simply curious if we can do better than your current offerings? Contact us and we can discuss your runability problems or concerns. At LPF we’re convinced our experts can improve your processes.

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