About our global, technical support standards

At LPF we are proud of our Dutch heritage. Looking at our history it’s only to be expected that we do lots of business related traveling. Decades earlier our great grandfathers were already setting the trend with the Dutch East India Company. And with our customers being divided over more than 48 countries this is still a useful trend to have in 2019.

So when one of our long-term lidding customers recently asked us to visit their location to provide technical support we happily obliged. We’ve written about our lidding’s unique properties before (in short: it runs like a whippet), and today we’ll give a small scoop regarding this USP’s secret sauce: our technical and after-sales support. With more than 100 years of experience in packaging, our personnel have picked up a thing or two. Visiting our customers to apply this knowledge and support their production to run smoothly is a part of LPF’s DNA: it’s why we dare to call ourselves an A-label (or premium) packaging partner. 

Our most recent visit

This picture was taken during a visit to a fruit and vegetables producing customer that’s already been with us for years. Developments we’ve been proud to support them with during these many years:

  • The specific selection of materials according to their processes;
  • The customer’s machine settings for the best sealing results;
  • The constant coordination of efforts in order to ensure delivery on time.

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