A big thanks to our Packaging Experts for their help during this pandemic!

How our packaging experts have kept LPF producing during COVID19.

As a Packaging Producer we have been deemed ‘essential business’ by the government, and have thus tried our hardest to keep LPF producing at 100% despite Corona’s challenges. And while there are many great stake-holders that have kept us afloat, the one most often overlooked are our core Packaging Experts.

Aside from giving them a bouquet of flowers in the physical world, we’re writing this blog to thank them in the digital world!


Because many of our customers started off the pandemic with an actual increase in demand (people stuck at home tend to eat more, apparently), the past two months have been trying times for our Packaging Experts.

This combination in increased demand, together with the reduction in quantity and speed from our material suppliers, have definitely created some stressful situations at LPF. 

We want to emphasize yet again how thankful we are that our Packaging Experts have (so far) helped us brave this storm, and write about some of their ‘how’s’. 


Cultural adaptions

As any store that’s looking to keep their doors open will know, business definitely hasn’t been ‘as usual’ in the past months. Despite the stringent hygiene measures we already have set in place as a BRC-certified company, COVID has made us ramp these up to eleven. Some of the measures we’ve seen our experts take:


  • Staggered mealbreaks,
  • Spreaded shift (5!) production schedule,
  • Added protectice clothing, i.e. gloves and masks,
  • Mandatory physical (2M) distancing,
  • And instead of seeing their usual fist-bump after an exceptionally printed peace of packaging, we even saw them ‘elbow- or ankle bump’ to celebrate!


So how have our measures been working for us? We’d like to think they have!

Because of clever spreading of our people and materials, an increase in cleaning and a will to succeed we’ve been able to keep producing. It has allowed us to keep our sick-leave at a respectable 5% and more importantly, our customers happy!

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