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Working at LPF

Ever wondered what working for a packaging specialist entails? We serve many A-label brands located all around the world, by closely working together with a tight-knit team of 100 diverse professionals. Our personnel is varied and diverse, spanning co-workers from diverse locations and ages. 

Quality and service

At LPF we pride ourselves on being a high quality and premium service supplier. We frequently supply and collaborate on A-label brands their upcoming projects.

Because innovation and creativity are important factors for everyone at LPF, we are constantly searching for ways to improve our products and services. Does this match your own way of working? Then you will fit right in at LPF.

Dynamic and fluid

As a premium innovation partner we work with cutting-edge technologies, and are unique within our branch for the diverse amount of products and services we offer.

Working with so many different products, within a varied staff results in a dynamic and agile work environment. This also means your own work-routine and responsibilities will likely change over longer periods, keeping you fresh! 

Working at LPF is very varied. I’ve been here for 6 months and have barely recognize my function compared to the vacancy/start. While this can be a bit intimidating, I like the freedom and trust that comes along with it. 

Brian Punselie

Junior Marketing Manager, LPF

“What I love about working at LPF is the many fields we serve. I work with companies all over the world and in different fields, and participate in the entire production process behind some A-label consumer goods.

Henk Edzes

Sales Manager, LPF

Clondalkin Academy

At LPF we believe self-improvement is very important. We work in a branch where standing still might as well be moving backwards. With this in mind we created the Clondalkin Academy. The goal of the Clondalkin Academy is offering current and new employees the opportunity to learn and further develop themselves.

The possibilities are endless, from a short training for a specific skill to a multi-year education. The core of every Academy education is customization: you get to choose the training and/ or education that fits your needs, wants and situation. Some examples of currently active Clondalkin Academy trajects;


  • A machine training in lamination techniques,
  • Our very own LPF ‘packaging for new employees’ study,
  • A MBA at the Amsterdam Business School.


Take a look at our vacancies to see our available positions or surprise us with an unsolicited application! Due to our location we mostly speak Dutch in the office and factory. This is why our vacancies are also presented in Dutch. Are you not yet fluent in Dutch but still convinced you’re the talent our company needs? Contact us and we can discuss the possibilities