Agriculture packaging

We provide flexible packaging for many agriculture applications. With years of experience in the agriculture market, our tailormade packaging protects both your product and your intellectual property.

Meet our expert:

Brian Punselie


We provide flexible packaging solutions for seeds, flower bags, fertilizers, herbicides and spices. Our sachets, bags or stand-up pouches protect your product from oxygen and light. Thanks to our combination of high quality materials and experience our packaging also guarantees the highest puncture and temperature resistance.

Our printing options provide your product with an eye-catching presentation on the shelf. And with our premium class service and personal collaboration, we find the best solution for your product performance.


Laminated packaging


Having produced laminated packaging for agricultural applications (like seeds and fertilizers) for years, we know what your packaging needs. We can help you fight ip theft and conserve your brands strong image with our anti-counterfeit measures. And with our expertise in lamination we guarantee protection against vapour, oxygen and gasses to safeguard shelf life.

Of course our barriers aren’t just good at keeping the outside away. We know the packaging needs to be just as robust on the inside, to prevent structural damage to the packaging, whether from sharp seeds or chemical substances. As you can see, we’re no stranger to the agricultural market 

Stand-up pouches


Using filling lines instead of seal- and form lines? No problem, our pre-shaped packaging solutions are just as solid as our reel-fed laminates. Take for example our stand-up pouches (SUP’s), an increasingly popular packaging solution well known for their design, convenience and performance.

Because of these factors stand-up pouches are often considered a premium solution. But with our competitive pricing and the pouch’s cost-reduction benefits in storage and transport, it doesn’t have to be!

Printed mono-films


For the agricultural applications that are pretty robust in their own right, we have a selection of films tailored to every need. With more than a dozen possible films to choose from, we can print and/ or seal these to every situation. And with:

  1. our premium support in selecting the right one for the job,
  2. our technical assistance (long distance or on-site depending on your preference),
  3. and our excellent after-care;

you’ll never be left wanting.

Our values


We are committed to our partners by offering excellent service and delivering on our promises. This has created partnerships that go back for more than 15 years. 


We are committed to the Triple Bottom Line model with our focus on reduction and recyclability (planet), and local sponsoring (people). 


We are committed to treat everyone with respect, honesty, and dignity. This shows in our direct communication and down-to-earth culture.


We are committed to take responsibility for our actions. This is why we guarantee a 100% trace-ability for everything produced the past 2 years.



We are committed to continually improve ourselves, delivering only the highest quality and using rigorous testing and checks.


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