Agriculture packaging

We provide flexible packaging for many agriculture applications, for example seed packaging. We can protect your product with the finest aluminium packaging.

Meet our expert:

High quality and temperature resistance for Agriculture packaging

For packaging agricultural products in particular, we rely on materials with high quality and temperature resistance. Our Packaging solutions guarantee protection against vapor, oxygen and gasses to safeguard shelf life. We provide flexible packaging solutions for seeds, flower bags, fertilizers, herbicides and spices. And with years of experience supplying the agriculture industry, our (anti)counterfeit packaging protects your brand from IP-theft.

Our printing options provide your product with an eye-catching presentation on the shelf. Through premium class service and personal collaboration, we find the best solution for your product.


Let us find the right solution for your product!

At SÜDPACK Grootegast we always strive to find the best flexible packaging solution. We offer support in selecting the right packaging, remote or on-site, technical support, and an excellent after-sales service.


Laminated packaging


We rely on robust materials to prevent structural damage to the packaging, whether from sharp, seeds or chemical substances.This is why our seed packaging consists of expertly laminated aluminium packaging. We can help you fight IP-theft and conserve your brands strong image with our anti-counterfeit measures.

Preformed packaging


To pack agriculture applications we recommend our pre-shaped packaging. Our stand-up pouches are a popular packaging solution known for their design, convenience and performance.

With our competitive pricing and the bag’s cost saving, warehouse and transportation benefits, it is the optimal packaging solution for your product.

Printed mono-films


Our printed mono-films can be made with 12 different monomaterials or 200+ laminated concepts, and printed in both Flexo and Gravure. For (anti)counterfeit packaging, we offer UV inks and microtext!