Confectionery packaging

We provide flexible packaging solutions for many different confectionery applications. And with our premium-class service we’ll help your product stand out from among the crowd.

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Henk Edzes


We provide flexible packaging solutions for hard-boiled candy, soft-sugar candy, chocolate sweets and gum. And we’re all too aware of the strong competition your market faces. That’s why our eye-catching packaging can help you stand out from other confectionery packaging.

So look through our pre-made or custom-shaped bags with multiple print options. Or read about the unique benefits of our reel-fed laminates. With years of experience as a confectionery packaging supplier, and our excellent service, we can support your business like no other.


Laminated packaging


Need a laminated packaging solution for your confectionery? We have supplied the confectionery industry with packaging for decennia. If you have your own fill & seal lines you're in good hands with our laminated films. And with our extensive range of packaging concepts we'll always have the right answer for you.

For instance, if you're looking for a sustainable option we've had lots of success with our OPP² laminate. Need it quick? Some of our laminates can even be contracted to have up to a 4 week (repeat) lead-time! And even if you produce confectionery that requires high barriers (like popcorn) we've got you covered.

Printed mono-films


Does your confectionery product stay shelf-stable without much protection? Or are you already using a different packaging (layer) to protect your product? Then our printed mono-films might be the solution for you. Relatively cheap and still great at catching the consumers attention, we deliver printed mono-films to many large confectionery producers.

And we do this from our first-rate selection of 12+ useable films. Together with both gravure and flexo as printing options, LPF's packaging is flexible in both the literal and figural sense of the word.

Stand-up pouches


Stand-up pouches (SUP) are well known for their design, convenience and performance. The pouch's unique shape and ability to stand up provides a great on-shelf appearance while making it use less room during transportation. This makes it more efficient to transport and store, reducing your costs and increasing the consumers convenience.

With the benefits mentioned above it's no surprise that SUP's are getting more and more popular. At LPF we offer many different concepts, both with and without barriers. And we can shape these to many different measurements. Just let us know what you're looking for and we'll see what's possible!

Shaped bags


A custom shaped bag is always a great packaging solution to catch the consumers attention. The unique shape of our bags provide brands with the opportunity to make a product distinctive. And we can customize your packaging which ever way you want it. So whether you need flow packs, pointed bags, or truly unique shapes, we've got it. Examples of some of the custom shaped bags we've made are our christmas themed bags.

Aside from custom shapes we can also decorate your shaped bags with custom prints. For example: event, festival or holiday themed wraps or bags are all possible!

Our values


We are committed to our partners by offering excellent service and delivering on our promises. This has created partnerships that go back for more than 15 years. 


We are committed to the Triple Bottom Line model with our focus on reduction and recyclability (planet), and local sponsoring (people). 


We are committed to treat everyone with respect, honesty, and dignity. This shows in our direct communication and down-to-earth culture.


We are committed to take responsibility for our actions. This is why we guarantee a 100% trace-ability for everything produced the past 2 years.



We are committed to continually improve ourselves, delivering only the highest quality and using rigorous testing and checks.


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