Food Packaging

Our food packaging solutions offer maximum protection, and enable the high quality look & feel that your brand deserves. This guarantees your product’s place in the spotlight while the protection guarantees convenience for the end-consumers. At LPF we produce many kinds of food packaging, from meat to fish, and from retort packaging for ready-meals and fruits.

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Cecilia Villanueva Necochea

Food & beverages

We provide solutions for many kinds of food packaging. Some examples of our products are fruit packaging, retort packaging (used in autoclaves), meat packaging, and fish packaging. We also offer solutions for beverage products like coffee and tea! And in case your product is quick to spoil our high-barrier options offer maximum protection to improve your product’s shelf life. This improves your brand by guaranteeing convenience for your costumer: the end-consumer.

Years of expertise with both flexo and rotogravure printing means that we can give your product the eye-catching look it deserves. LPF has a leading presence in the high-barrier market, and an extensive knowledge of the food & beverages market. It is this combination that allows us to offer you the best matching solution for your brand and product.


Laminated packaging


With such a big and diverse industry as the food & beverages industry, flexibility is essential. As a converter we can offer this flexibility to match many subsegments within this industry. We have decades of experience laminating with a wide assortment of materials for food products. With this we deliver laminates from anywhere between 2-layers and 5-layers with perfect protection, runability and design attributes. In total we offer more than 200 concepts, so anything from a recyclable OPP/OPP laminate to a high-barrier PET/ALU/PE is possible.

Our laminated solutions are very suitable for meat packaging, fish packaging, and many more applications.


High-barrier lidding


As the company that invented high-barrier lidding back in the 90’s, our HBL is known for its unmatched performance within our chosen market segments. Supplying our HBL to some of the largest global food producers for decades has lead to excellent run-ability, perfect product presentation and traceability that’s rooted in our DNA. These factors made us a market-leader in high-barrier lidding applications for fruit. Our lidding can come with SiOx or AlOx for the ultimate product protection, and has an easy-peel feature for the ultimate consumer conenience.

Our high-barrier lidding is very suitable for fruit packaging, retort packaging, and more applications.

Preformed packaging


Aside from our reel-fed packaging mentioned above, we also offer pre-shaped packaging solutions for food & beverage applications. For example our stand-up pouches, an increasingly popular packaging solution well known for it’s design, convenience and performance. It’s shape is more efficient during transport and storage, but also draws the eye when positioned on the shelves. Together with the strong printing options of flexible packaging and you can see why SUP’s are getting so popular.

Our preformed solutions are very suitable for spice packaging, retort packaging and many more applications.

Printed mono-films




Looking to pack a food or beverage product that doesn’t require any barriers? Then our printed mono-films will be the right fit for you. We use a selection of films tailored to our customers every need, support you in selecting the right one for the job, and offer excellent customer care (technical assistance, graphical assistance, supply-chain services, etc.) afterwards.

Our printed mono-films are very suitable for tea packaging, fruit packaging, and many more applications.

Our values


We are committed to our partners by offering excellent service and delivering on our promises. This has created partnerships that go back for more than 15 years. 


We are committed to the Triple Bottom Line model with our focus on reduction and recyclability (planet), and local sponsoring (people). 


We are committed to treat everyone with respect, honesty, and dignity. This shows in our direct communication and down-to-earth culture.


We are committed to take responsibility for our actions. This is why we guarantee a 100% trace-ability for everything produced the past 2 years.



We are committed to continually improve ourselves, delivering only the highest quality and using rigorous testing and checks.


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