Food & beverages

Our food packaging solutions offer maximum protection, and enable the high quality look & feel that your brand deserves. This guarantees your product’s place in the spotlight while the protection guarantees convenience for the end-consumers. At SÜDPACK Grootegast we produce many kinds of food packaging, from meat to fish and from retort packaging for ready-meals and fruits.

Meet our expert:

Cecilia Villanueva Necochea

Maximum Protection and High Quality for Food Packaging

We provide solutions for many kinds of food packaging. Some examples of our products are fruit packaging, retort packaging, meat packaging, and fish packaging. We also offer solutions for beverage products like coffee and tea! And in case your product is quick to spoil our high-barrier options offer maximum protection to improve your product’s shelf life. This improves your brand by guaranteeing convenience for your costumer: the end-consumer.

Years of expertise with both flexo and rotogravure printing means that we can give your product the eye-catching look it deserves. SÜDPACK Grootegast has a leading presence in the high-barrier market, and an extensive knowledge of the food & beverages market. It is this combination that allows us to offer you the best matching solution for your brand and product.


Let us find the right solution for your product!

At SÜDPACK Grootegast we always strive to find the best flexible packaging solution. We offer support in selecting the right packaging, remote or on-site, technical support, and an excellent after-sales service.


Laminated packaging


Our laminated films covers a wide range of industries. They have a premium look and feel, the ability to ‘lock up’ your print between the packaging layers and the added possibilities for customization and optimization. And with flexo and rotogravure prints we offer multi-colour solutions that can tackle even the most challenging of designs. Our laminated solutions are very suitable for meat packaging, fish packaging, and many more applications.

High-barrier lidding


Our high-barrier packaging is known for ist unmatched performance and the perfect solution for fruit packaging or retort packaging. They provide strong moisture, oxygen and aroma barrier properties. Supplying our solutions to the largest global food producers for decades has lead to excellent run-ability, perfect product presentation and made us a market-leader in high-barrier lidding applications for fruit.

Preformed packaging


We offer pre-shaped packaging solutions for food & beverage applications. Choose for a stand-up pouch, or go for our sachets or shaped bags. Our performed packaging can be made from many kinds of materials, and be printed with both flexo and gravure prints. Combined with our expertise in lamination and printing your packaging won’t disappoint.

Printed mono-films

Our printed mono-films can be made with 12 different monomaterials or 200+ laminated concepts, and printed in both Flexo and Gravure.

They are very suitable for tea packaging, fruit packaging, and many more applications.