Petfood packaging

We provide flexible packaging solutions for pet food.

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Petfood packaging

We provide flexible packaging solutions for pet food. Our highest quality materials increase the shelf life of a product while custom packaging printed up to 10 colours attracts consumer’s attention. Maximum convenience and functionality reduce waste that saves for a brand, a consumer and the planet. Our service quality has been acknowledged around the world among hundreds of clients. We strive to find the best flexible packaging solution for your product.

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Stand-up pouches

Stand-up Pouch(SUP) is an increasingly popular packaging solution well known for its design, convenience and high-performance. Unique shape and ability to stand up on the shelf provides a great on-shelf appearance and makes the stand-up pouch a great choice for a brand looking for a packaging solution to capture consumer’s attention. Unique aesthetics of stand-up pouch creates a solution for a brand to bring down the cost of transport and storing while for end-consumer it is a matter of convenience.

High-Barrier & Lidding


High barrier flexible packaging solution is a perfect way to provide moisture, oxygen and aroma barrier properties for products in the Healthcare, Food & Beverages, Confectionary, Industrial, or Pet industries.
Clondalkin Flexible Packaging lidding provides your product with an excellent protection to prolong shelf life, transparency for an ability to look through the package, and easy peal feature for ultimate end-consumer convenience.



Best quality lamination and highest grade raw materials deliver protection against water vapour, oxygen, transmission and odour to keep your product fresh longer. New 10 colour Flexoprint and 9 colour rotogravure offer the multi-colour print option.


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