Pharma and healthcare packaging

We provide flexible packaging solutions for many different applications within the pharma and healthcare industry. We can help you meet the demands of your market, by settling only for tailormade solutions with the highest quality materials. The product performance is of the utmost importance. And there is no better way to guarantees this than with a strong laminate from SÜDPACK Grootegast.

Meet our expert:

Jan Koopmans

We guarantee high quality standards and packaging functionality

We provide flexible packaging solutions for many different products in the pharma and healthcare industry. Our quality standards and packaging functionality guarantee your product can meet the high demands that are expected of you. Paired with premium-class service we have earned the trust of several pharmaceutical market leaders.

Working together with our clients we continually innovate and seek the best solutions for their problems: we’ve implemented successful supply-chain cooperations to improve delivery performance, invested in a specific camera system to pass even Japan’s very high quality standards, and offer full traceability per reel.

Let us find the right solution for your product!

At SÜDPACK Grootegast we always strive to find the best flexible packaging solution. We offer support in selecting the right packaging, remote or on-site, technical support, and an excellent after-sales service.


Laminated packaging


We work with dozens of materials, so we can always tailor the concept to your product requirements, always providing the barrier properties you need, such as oxygen, gas and vapor barrier.

Our modern machines monitor the entire printing process to identify incorrect printing or even minor print deviations on our rolls.

Preformed packaging


To pack pharma and healthcare applications we recommend our pre-shaped packaging. Stand-up Pouches are an increasingly popular packaging solution well known for their design, convenience and performance. The pouch’s unique shape and ability to stand up provides convenience and also makes it use less room during transportation. This reduction in required room, together with the light weight of flexible packaging, make them a more economical and sustainable choice when it comes to transportation! Stand-up Pouches can be made with strong and / or high-barrier materials to keep your product safe. Comes with a 100% traceability rate per box.