Technical Application packaging

Our premium-class service delivers tailored solutions for every client’s need.

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Jan Koopmans

Technical applications

We provide flexible packaging solutions for glue, gel, powder, paint, liquid and oil. Protection and performance are crucial aspects for brands in the industrial market, therefore, we offer packaging to protect, to reduce weight and waste, and to catch consumer’s attention in the shop. Our premium-class service delivers tailored solutions for every client’s need.

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High-Barrier & Lidding


High barrier flexible packaging solution is a perfect way to provide moisture, oxygen and aroma barrier properties for products in the Healthcare, Food & Beverages, Confectionary, Industrial, or Pet industries.
Clondalkin Flexible Packaging lidding provides your product with an excellent protection to prolong shelf life, transparency for an ability to look through the package, and easy peal feature for ultimate end-consumer convenience.


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