020 Brunch: this year’s edition of our annual New Year Brunch, held in our packaging factory @ Grootegast.

Just like the previous years, we started off the year strong with our 2020 brunch in our packaging factory. Coming together to share our best stories from the past year is never boring, and the great food was a cherry on top. One of the other benefits is cohesion: it allows our entire company to sit down together. It’s also a great moment for staff from the office and the factory to mix together. Achieving this with all ~100 coworkers can be challenging during regular workdays, especially when considering the BRC rules that seperate the packaging factory part of our building from our office.While we are a lot more interconnected then many competitors, where the sales office is located in a completely different location from the factory, our office personnel still needs to pass through our BRC cleanroom before being able to enter the factory. 

Desserts and gifts

As the name implies, our New Year Brunch is an annual tradition where we brunch together with all our coworkers. We use the largest room our packaging factory houses to come together and enjoy each other’s company. And aside from having our yearly feast, we also took the opportunity to split up the great gifts our suppliers and partners showered us with. To keep this fair we split up these gifts in many smaller gifts, and had a little mini lottery together with the dessert. Hosting this dinner and lottery enabled us to recharge for 2020, and with our battery fully recharged we’re more prepared then ever to make the coming year an electric one!

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