We gave a factory tour to make good on the ‘people’-part of our Triple Bottom Line

Earlier this year we mentioned the hiring of two new interns. Of course, hiring interns isn’t the only way we make good on the ‘people’ part of our “People, Planet, Profit” promise (a.k.a. our ‘triple bottom line’). Every so often we get a request from groups that would like to see a tour through our factory. Today’s post covers one such request!


While we’re far from an entertainment company, we occasionally accept groups of interested consumers that really want to see the inside of a packaging factory. Especially during the summer vacations, where the factory is less crowded, we can often find a suitable moment to show outsiders a small peak at our daily operations. Because at the end of the day it’s nice to share some of our favorite aspects of LPF with outsiders, and also to give back per our earlier mentioned triple bottom line.


See some pictures down below for a small impression of the tour!

First stop, our Flexo machine!

While not the official first stop (having started at the warehousing / docking station), the first place where we stopped for a picture had to be at our state-of-the-art W&H Miraflex.

Just as important; rotogravure!

Following onward from our new toy, Jacco told the group about our decades of experience in rotogravure, and the biggest differences between these two very potent printing techniques. 

Last stop: our curing room.

After having seen our lamination in action (not pictured) they made a quick stop at the curing room. You definitely won’t be catching a cold in here!

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