Certificates are very important for us at LPF. Not just for us, but also for our clients: many of them work with food products and require the proper certification from both themselves and their suppliers. This is why we set high standards when it comes to our processes and hygienic work environments. We don’t just set them, we have the certificates to proof these standards. In order to keep us sharp 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we use internal auditors. An external auditor works for the certification company in question and visits us once a year. Our internal auditors are LPF employees who keep a watchful eye on the daily inner workflow. It’s not without reason that many visitors are surprised with how clean our factory is compared to their previous experiences. At LPF we consider our processes and structural way of working a standard.


Our new internal auditors

In order to perform an internal audit on a frequent basis a healthy roster of internal auditors is very helpful. This prevents busy periods from affecting the internal audits and makes sure they happen on a consistent basis during the entire year. We’re happy to announce that we had the opportunity to strengthen our auditor roster with 7 new faces this week. This provides us with the auditing manpower we need for the foresee-able future and allows us to keep our strong structural processes the way they are. Our Quality Assurance department is already excitedly looking forward to the first results of this internal audit at LPF:

“We are very pleased with the turn-out for our most recent internal auditor training. An internal auditor offers a listening perspective and judges whether we perform the processes the way we have documented them in an objective fashion. Having more certified auditors will help us do this quicker and more thoroughly” – Marieke Smit, Quality Assurance at LPF Flexible Packaging


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