In early 2018 LPF Flexible Packaging started the reconstruction of the laboratory. While the old laboratory was still functional, it could use a make-over and some quality of life changes. The new laboratory is more closely located to our packaging technologists. This way they can do their work more efficiently and focused.

Aside from logistics, the new location is also completely updated in technology. Freshly updated computers that run faster so more work can be done in the same time coupled with new hardware that creates a fresh yet comfortable feeling.The naming of our new laboratory is a throwback to LPF’s very first packaging technologist, Jan Halma. His expertise allowed LPF to be one of the very first companies that created and improved the original lidding technology. Because of his invaluable contributions to LPF’s authority on lidding and laminates we have decided to name our new laboratory the ‘Halma Lab’.

“Most of our R&D activities in the laboratory are aimed at the future. Naming our new lab after someone who contributed a lot to R&D, gave us the opportunity to reflect on our rich experiences from the past.” – Rutger Fransen, Packaging technologist at LPF Flexible Packaging.


New investments

Of course, aside from quality of life and logistic changes, a refreshed lab also has to come with some new toys. In order to match our customer’s ever changing markets we invested in a new and fully digital seal-strength testing machine. This new machine allows us to more efficiently test the seal strength of our packaging concepts. A guaranteed seal strength makes sure the packaging does not open prematurely, but can be easily opened by the end-consumer without creating frustration.

Also new is our IR spectrometer machine that allows us to reverse-engineer many different forms, concepts and measurements of packaging samples. This allows us to keep up with a very dynamic and rapidly changing market by giving us more competitive strength.


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