At LPF Flexible Packaging we often mention terms like partnership, flexibility and choice. We don’t believe in one generic solution, but in every product having it’s own specifications and characteristics. In order to offer a fitting solution to all these different options we place a big emphasis on internal flexibility. This allows us to create a specific solution per product, instead of a generic ‘one size fits all solutions’. One of the ways we do this is by delivering our packaging both reel-fed & premade, depending on which suits the situation the best.


Reel-fed packaging

Reel-fed packaging consists of large reels covered in packaging. These are printed and laminated, but still have to be shaped. Reel-fed deliveries can be very interesting depending on the client’s production facility. If the client has his own machines that can form, shape and seal they can transform the reel-fed packaging to the final packaging product. In that case many clients prefer doing as much of this process themselves, or else their seal & form machines will just be gathering dust. It also allows them to keep a bigger part of the production in-house, which gives some purchasing managers more peace of mind.


Premade packaging

Premade packaging is packaging that has already been shaped and formed. This means the customer receives the finished packaging from LPF and only has to fill it with his/ or her product before selling it. Not every client has the means to invest in the machines required for reel-fed packaging, or the interest in owning these machines due to his/or her strategic goals. For those clients our premade packaging forms the perfect alternative.

Curious which packaging option suits your product best? Contact us and we can discuss the packaging solution that best fits your needs!


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