At LPF Flexible Packaging we believe in partnership. Pushing our clients to do bigger and greater things then they could do on their own, and the same goes for us: to be pushed to do greater things together then we could do on our own. When our clients visit us we often sit down together with them to brainstorm potential benefits and improvements related to the packaging. One such benefit that went from idea to reality was a ‘golden ticket’ campaign that allowed our client to give back to it’s customer. This campaign allowed our client to hide some nice surprises among their production runs. It’s not just exciting for the end-customer, a properly executed ‘win action’ campaign increases short-term sales figures. Studies show it can also improve long-term customer retention, social media presence and your brand’s presence of mind among customers.


The solution: unique packaging coding

However, imprinting a unique code on every single piece of packaging was no easy task. In order to do this without massively increasing the required cost, LPF Flexible Packaging had to invest in a unique packaging coding system. With this system the only thing left for our clients to do is providing the code-database that their marketing campaign works with. Once provided we make sure it gets coupled with the packaging. This way the client’s marketeers are working with the same codes as our packaging.


This is achieved by installing a machine that gives every single cut-off point it’s own individual computer. This individual computer places it’s own share of the code-database on the packaging. Thanks to this investment LPF can imprint the individual codes per packaging unit, while still delivering the packaging on a reel to the client’s own factory. This allows our client to fill the packaging at their own factory before sealing it, as they are accustomed to.

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