LPF Value Cases

LPF lidding and it’s competitive advantage





A customers experience with both LPF lidding and our competitor’s lidding.

This vale case tells the story of a recuperated customer that initially switched to a cheaper material supplier.

After this switch they saw their production costs skyrocket. In other words: this case illustrates why reducing costs can backfire and how quality lidding can reduce total costs in the long run.


Competitive advantages

Production costs 

We’ve covered runability in an earlier blog. This case shows the real-time value of runability:

on the one hand our competitor’s material was only capable of sealing 44.000 cups per hour.

Compared to LPF lidding that managed 56.700 cups per hour at the customer, the customer’s production costs skyrocketed after switching away from our lidding. 

Total costs

So while the competitor’s material was cheaper upfront, afterwards it firmly slowed down our customer’s production.

After calculating all the expenses together, our material actually saved costs in the end!

Download the full whitepaper down below to see the complete cost breakdown and added value our on-site support provided!

Industrial savings


Total savings
per container


High barriers are in our DNA:

“LPF invented high-barrier lidding two decades ago. Nowadays there are more HBL producers in the world, but the high quality of our materials & our experience is still unmatched “

Cecilia Villanueva, Sales manager at LPF Flexible Packaging

Want to read the entire case?

Our full lidding value case whitepaper is just one click away! Leave your contact details down below and you will receive a downloadable PDF. This PDF shows and covers the numbers and values that lead to our cost reductions illustrated above!


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