Packaging export

At LPF Flexible Packaging we are globally active. From the Netherlands to Germany, from Mexico to Peru, and from China to Thailand our packaging export goes everywhere. So we think it’s fair to say we are no strangers to packaging export. That said, you can never have too much knowledge. Which is why we are proud to be a partner of the dutch Exportclub North. Inspirational guest-speakers, thought provoking table discussions and great company were the name of the game at last week’s meeting from ExportClub North.

Driving away your customers: Guido Thys

Guest-starring at the Exportclub North meeting was Guido Thys, a belgian presenter and entrepreneur who shared his thoughts on international business. The presentation gave some strong ‘learning takeaways’ while never straying away from Guido’s remarkable humor and self-awareness. Highlighted were the biggest pitfalls when doing international business (perspective, cultural differences with examples and the danger of stereotyping) together with some tips on how to avoid them. Dutch readers can see an example of his typical humor and style in the following video:

Open-table discussions

Aside from an interesting guest-speaker the export club also arranged open-table discussions. Provided with actual market developments participants were asked to discuss and share their experiences in an open setting. This not only promoted the exchange of knowledge, it also provided a good moment to network with each other. With plenty of created food for thought Exportclub North provided us with some real, physical food to close the evening on a high note.

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