Visiting our sister clondalkin company

Last week we had the opportunity to get a guided tour through our sister clondalkin company’s locations. Having started in Wieringerwerf, we got to see their center of excellence in action. Seeing the row of extruders producing film was certainly an impressive sight. After the tour through Wieringerwerf we continued in Harlingen, where Flexoplast showed us their specialized experience with Flexographic printing. A specialization worthy of their company name.

Learning from each other

Of course this isn’t the first time we’ve shared and collaborated on information within the Clondalkin Group. Just two months back we had a Clondalkin group conference in Hoxter, organised by our lovely co-workers at Wentus GmbH. Where that conference challenged us to think more about the value we add for our customers, this tour challenged us on our own merits as LPF. It’s no secret that we’re very versatile in Groningen, delivering packaging both in reel-fed & pre-made shapes. That’s not all, we can imprint your packaging with unique coding and house authorities on both rotogravure and flexo printing. Furthermore we deliver mono-films, but are also very proficient in delivering high barrier multi-layer laminates (the more the better!). To top it all off we do this for very diverse markets and applications (from seeds to end-product). Because of this versatility it’s important to keep perspective, and walking through Flexoplast’s specialized processes helps us keep both feet on the ground.


With two ‘centers of excellence’, one specializing in blown film extrusion and the other in flexo print & conversion, Flexoplast is a premium player in the packaging segment. With more then 170 employees divided over both locations they believe in 3 pillars:

• Partnership
By long term value chain partnerships, we are able to help our customers to optimize their production line output, to support them to respond quickly to the market and to reduce TCO.

• Performance
Our performance of supply, improves lead times in the value chain

• Premium Quality
Our product quality leads to improved production line output of our customers, improved shelf impact and improved sales

Much like LPF, Flexoplast is a premium packaging provider that believes in partnership and quality. No matter the product, if you want to do business with LPF or a different Clondalkin Company we’re just one enquiry away.

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