We will be starting a monthly newsletter at LPF Flexible Packaging

The past few weeks have been busy when it comes to LPF related news, and we are not planning on slowing down anytime soon. However, we understand that we can’t expect you to keep watching your LinkedIn feed for updates like a hawk. You have your daily work assignments to keep you busy, and those won’t finish themselves. This is why, starting from October 25th, we will be starting a monthly newsletter.
The goal for this monthly email is to function as a LPF news related recap for the past months. However, if available we will also mention some interesting observations within the Packaging branch, and if possible even look ahead to the coming month(s).


All we need is your e-mail address and we can get started!
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Interested but want to learn more about the content, or curious about what handing over your e-mail address to LPF really means? Understandable. Please contact me for all your newsletter related questions and I will be happy to answer them for you!