Earlier this year, Clondalkin LPF Flexible Packaging started the placement of a brand new 10-colour W&H MIRAFLEX AM10 printer. Since then it’s been fully built and has steadily produced flexo orders on a daily basis for the past months. Thanks to this new state-of-the-art printing press we have been able to offer our customers faster deliveries with less set-up waste, while offering our clients 10 colour HD design possibilities. As you can probably understand, our Flexoprinters are very excited about this new asset:

“The W&H Miraflex AM is a 10 colour flexopress that can deliver high quality printing at a speed of 400 meters per minute. Working with this flexopress has been a great experience, because of its sleeve and automatic cleaning (Turbo Clean) systems. Coupled with the new camera system we have complete control over the machine, allowing us to deliver beautiful prints without sacrificing speed or safety.” – Martin Kammenga, Flexoprinter at LPF Flexible Packaging.

Working with this new machine our experts have produced beautiful new prints that make both us and our customers proud. Are you Interested in seeing the timeline and work that went in to building our brand new W&H Miraflex? Watch the time-lapse to see how our press was built from the ground up!


Specifications of the new W&H Miraflex C

  • 10 colours HD
  • 1450 mm width
  • Shorter set up time
  • Printing speed of up to 400 meters per minute
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