Shining a spotlight on our new packaging slitting machine

As any production company can confirm, standing still might as well be moving backwards in most industries. This is just as true for us in the packaging industry, and the reason for our continued investments. Whereas 2018 was the year we invested in a new flexo machine and our lab, 2019 has been the moment we upgraded our ink mixing device and slitting department. And while our mixing device has already been in full force since Q2, our new packaging slitting machine is currently getting it’s final touch ups:

About the Kampf conslitter

Last year our focus was on a new W&H Miraflex, and this year we’ve gone a step further. We expanded our production facilities with a new state-of-the-art packaging slitting machine. With a slitting speed that goes up to 800m per minute, we are honing in on one of our largest USP’s: speed and flexibility. With our end-goal of being a premium packaging partner that can always fulfill your desires this is of utmost importance. And with this new addition to our machine park we are that much closer to this goal!

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