LPF Flexible Packaging has launched a new website. For Clondalkin-group information and news we will refer to the official group website. From now on, LPF will publish it’s own news here. We understand that the ever changing consumer requires an ability to adapt and innovate. To showcase LPF’s ability to adapt and innovate the company website has been relaunched. This new website meets requirements that users in 2018 have come to expect. On here you will find many of our different concepts and possibilities, but also the experiences of our satisfied customers that will help you get a clearer picture of LPF. In time you can expect more testimonials, news articles, blogs, LPF value cases and LPF insight articles so keep an eye on our site or LinkedIn company page!


The goal for our new website is to be more customer focused and make it easier to get in touch with our experts. Since the requirements are constantly changing, this website will be an constantly evolving project. For example, you can expect the website to be translated to Dutch and Spanish soon. Have any other tips or questions? Mail us at gtg.info@clondalkingroup.com !


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