Getting to know our business

When we receive a new coworker here at LPF, we think it’s important that he/ or she gets to learn every square inch of our company. This is why every co-worker, regardless of function, observes and works with LPF’s many different departments. This gives a closer look at what each department specifically does, and this also allows a newcomer to learn the experts of each department better. This is very important for us, because LPF doesn’t work with a sales <> customer relationship. We believe in client-core teams that also include packaging, graphical and customer service experts. In this ship the sales-manager might be the captain, but every person on board is invaluable when it comes to reaching our lofty goals. So getting to know the co-workers and processes that will support him was very important for our new Business Development Manager.


About our new Business Development Manager:
Since October 1st Johan Suelmann has strengthened our team, adding years of business development & sales experience to our roster. With years of experience in the coffee and food service branche, Johan will be targeting these and other markets for new insights. With high ranking experience in many coffee multi-nationals he has also had the pleasure of working with packaging concepts from the other side, as a customer. This experience gives him a unique perspective that will allow him to understand LPF’s customers and potential customers. Because understanding our customers is the first big step to properly coaching them during the packaging process, we expect our new business development department will coach and grow some great partnerships in the coming years.

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