Sustainability in packaging and LPF

Sustainability is on everyone’s mind in 2018, and will only continue to be more important in the coming years. Every packaging producer is looking for improvements and ways to offer sustainable packaging. At LPF we are no different. With today’s news-article we will be showcasing some of the ways we have been contributing to sustainable packaging.

It’s important to note that sustainability in packaging as a subject is still constantly changing. What might be considered a good solution today, could end up being overtaken by different solutions in a year’s time. This is why we consistently try out new solutions together with our customers, and are always open for new (sustainable) options for our portfolio.

Our sustainability pillars

Currently LPF focuses on 4 ‘pillars’ that form our sustainability in packaging portfolio. We use one (or several) of these 4 pillars depending on our customer’s wishes and product. For us being sustainable is not just about having a green label. The product still has to guarantee the high quality and barrier that our customers have come to expect from LPF. This is why we always look for a solution that’s sustainable and matches our customer’s needs.

A mono-film that can be recycled very well but offers no barrier is not a sustainable solution for processed fruit products, because of the amount of fruit that would spoil thanks this packaging. Throwing away tons of fruit would not be sustainable at all. With this philosophy in mind we work with the following four sustainability pillars at Clondalkin LPF:

  • Downgauging
    We are constantly looking for ways to reduce the amount of materials used in our concepts. Of course, while reducing the concept is something we are constantly experimenting with, the packaging still has to fulfil its barrier and safety requirements. We have reduced and standardized a lot of our different packaging thicknesses over the past few years, and will continue to do so in the coming period. For example, we recently completed a downgauging project together with a customer. Despite their reservations at first, we convinced them to move from a 50 micron to a 40 micron laminate. This not only saves material costs, but also saves on the customers packaging taxes (Packaging Waste Contribution Management). Most importantly less kilograms material are used, which has a positive impact in terms of sustainability.
  • Recyclable concepts
    Where applicable we offer combinations of recyclable materials in laminates, which leads to recyclable laminates. Some examples of the recyclable concepts we currently produce at LPF are:
    – BOPP / BOPP
    – PE / PE
    – CPP / CPP
  • Bio based materials
    Not unlike our concepts, we work with bio based materials for specific and fitting projects. For example, we have a bio based PE in our assortment that can serve as a great alternative to our regular PE films. We also regularly work with PLA mono-films in our low barrier packaging concepts. We don’t stop at bio based films. If preferred we can print our films with special bio based inks. These inks are generally made from trees, plants or vegetable oils and have their own characteristics that need to be accounted for during the printing process.
  • Removal/ replacement of aluminium
    At LPF we are specialized in high barrier packaging. The higher the required barrier, the better the project suits our experts in Grootegast. This does mean that one of the materials that we use frequently is aluminium, thanks to the immense barrier properties it gives packaging concepts. For some products we can (and do) simply remove this layer from the concept to attain a recyclable concept, as shown earlier. However, some products will spoil if we remove the aluminium layer without replacing it with a different barrier layer. This is why we are constantly experimenting with alternative materials that offer a similar barrier while being more easily to recyclable.

Interested in the alternative materials we use at LPF, or want to know more about the recyclable concepts that would fit your product? Get in touch with our experts and we’d love to discuss the sustainable possibilities for your specific product.

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