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At LPF we offer several different kinds of packaging solutions.
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LPF’s packaging solutions

At LPF we offer several types of packaging. Uniform between all those offerings is our packaging mentality: we believe that our product is and always should be a solution to a demand. Whether that demand is in the form of speedy leadtimes, beautiful prints or qualitative laminates: we’re always there to answer with a solution. Down below you will find all the different solutions we’ve added to our arsenal in the last decade. 

All solutions

Printed laminates


LPF's decades of experience with laminating, together with our careful selection in suppliers, results in laminated foils of the highest quality. We work with all kinds of materials and laminate these in all kinds of combinations. Why? so we can always offer the right packaging match to your needs. And because we are a converter we are completely independent, which is why we have 200+ concepts to pick from. This flexibility allows us to find the packaging that perfectly suits your product's moisture, oxygen and gas vulnerabilities. And with our printing options we can help your striking designs spring to life. 

Our laminated foils are delivered on reels with a maximum width of 1.000 mm. Of course they can also be slit or pre-cut to different dimensions, depending on the reel-size that fits your packaging filling lines. Aside from slitting we can also add extras like unique coding™ and easy-open by laser™ to your reels. 

Printed (mono-)films


LPF Flexible Packaging has a multitude of films to pick and choose from. Examples we routinely print are Kraft, PET, PE, CPP and many others. With decades of experience none of these films have secrets for us, and result in striking prints. Both with single-layer films and with laminated foils. And with our premium-class support we'll help you select the right film for your product. Together with our technical and/or graphical assistance, and other added value services, we promise the ultimate packaging solution

We deliver our printed mono-films just like our laminated foils; on reels. Because of our printing width the printed mono-films can go up to ~1200 mm, and can be slit to any desired measurements. Likewise our printed films can also come with extras like unique coding™ and easy-open by laser™. 

High-barrier films and liddings


It's no surprise that LPF's lidding is famous among fruit producers: LPF HBL is so powerful it enables fruit preserves a 2 year ambient shelf-life. Yes that does mean LPF HBL is both pasteurizable and sterilizable. Our lidding not only provides your product with an excellent protection, it can also be completely transparent.  Giving you a see-through ability for the ultimate product presentation. Of course we can also print your lidding with a striking flexo or gravure print. And last but not least our lidding always comes with an easy-peel feature for ultimate consumer convenience. 

So look no further if you're wanting to upgrade your lidding or lid-on-tray foils: LPF HBL provides unmatched moisture, oxygen and aroma barrier properties for your products. It can be sealed on lightweight PP cups, trays and many other rigids. And with an unmatched run-ability, no can or other high-barrier lid competes!

Preshaped laminates


A custom shaped bag is always the perfect flexible packaging solution to catch the consumers attention. The unique shape of our bags provide brands with the opportunity to make a product distinctive, making your product stand out from the crowd in the consumer’s eye. And we can customize your packaging which ever way you want it. Flow packs, pointed bags, and event, festival or holiday themed wraps or bags are just some of the possibilities. Coupled with the high standards of our films (whether mono-or laminated) you will be confident to take on the world.

Our shaped-bags are pre-shaped and are delivered in boxes. They are suitable for many different kinds of filling lines. For example a pick & match or thürling machine.

Stand-up pouches (SUP) are an increasingly popular packaging solution well known for their design, convenience and performance. The pouch's unique shape and ability to stand up provides a great on-shelf appearance while making it use less room during transportation. This makes it more efficient to transport and store, reducing your costs and increasing the consumers convenience. These benefits make the stand-up pouch a great choice for brands looking to capture the consumer’s attention.

With the benefits mentioned above it's no surprise that SUP's are getting more and more popular. At LPF we offer many different concepts, and we can shape these to all kinds of different SUP measurements. Just let us know what you're looking for and we'll see what's possible! 


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