High-barrier lidding

Our high-barrier lidding is the perfect flexible packaging solution for your products: providing moisture, oxygen and aroma barrier properties.

Meet our expert:

Cecilia Villanueva Necochea

High-barrier lidding

Our high-barrier flexible packaging solutions are perfect for protecting your products in the healthcare, food & beverages, confectionery, industrial, or pet industries.

LPF Flexible Packaging lidding provides your product with an excellent protection that prolongs shelf life, adds transparency for the ability to look through the packaging, and easy peal feature for ultimate end-consumer convenience. Our first-rate worldwide technical support, unparalleled flexibility and high-barrier expertise allow us to guide our clients though their entire packaging process. 

Product specifications

  • High barrier against oxygen and water vapour
  • Unique coding
  • Easy-peel
  • Completely transparent
  • Highly puncture-resistant
  • Pasteurizable or sterilizable

We have several grades of PET-barrier, the right quality can be chosen for your specific needs. Various thicknesses of materials are available. Our lidding is available in opaque white or with transparent qualities and can be printed. Some of our standard lidding concepts:

  • PET/BOPA/CPP-peel
  • PET/SiOx/CPP-peel
  • PET/AlOx/CPP-peel
  • PET-barrier/BOPA/CPP-peel
  • PET-barrier/PET-peel (ovenable)
  • PET/PE-EVOH-PE-peel

For more barrier laminates, please see the laminates category.

⁃ Flexoprint up to 10 colours
⁃ Rotogravure up to 9 colours
1. Healthcare
1.1. Wetwipes and hankies

2. Food & beverages
2.1. Coffee
2.2. Soup
2.3. Water & soft drinks
2.4. Fresh food
2.5. Spices & sauces
2.6. Bread & bakery
2.7. Meat & fish
2.8. Ready meals
2.9. Snacks

3. Confectionery
3.1. Soft-sugar candy
3.2. Hard-boiled candy
3.3. Chocolate sweets

4. Industrial
4.1. Industrial adhesive glue

5. Pet-food
5.1. Dry pet-food
5.2. Wet pet-food

Why work with us?

At LPF Flexible Packaging we deliver what we promise, both in terms of quality and leadtime. Equally important is our superior service before, during and after the packaging process. Due to this we've helped rationalize the processes of many of our customers. Truly helping them save costs and time. As a result of this service we only deliver tailor-made product solutions.


“LPF is a reliable supplier who understands our business and adapts to the market changes. They propose viable improvements, offer good technical support, and deliver great service/lead-times”




We are committed to the Triple Bottom Line: "People, Planet and Profit". For this reason we treat both our clients and coworkers of the Clondalkin group with dignity and respect. Above all we believe in providing a fair treatment. Of course both internally and in the communities where we operate. And finally we are constantly looking to reduce our environmental impact. 




Our values


We are committed to our partners by offering excellent service and delivering on our promises. Due to this we have created partnerships with customers that go back for more than 15 years. 


We strongly believe in the Triple Bottom Line model: "People, Planet and Profit". For example through focus on thinner concepts, recyclability, and local events we sponsor. 


We commit to treat everyone with respect, honesty, dignity and trust. And this shows in our short communication lines and northern down-to-earth business culture.


Likewise, we commit to take full responsibility of our actions in every aspect. In fact we guarantee this with a 100% trace-ability rate for every production made in the last two years.



Lastly, we aim to continually improve ourselves, delivering only the highest quality. As a result no product or service leaves LPF's warehouse without rigorous testing and checks.


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